Day 14 – Home time 

Breakfast at the Heartland was very ordinary. After eating & then storing our bags we headed into town. This feels like the first real opportunity we’ve had to see Queenstown in the light of day. We walked down to the lake & started our walk by heading around the lakeshore walk of the Queenstown Gardens, they are lovely gardens. We took photos of & had photos taken by other tourists. It seems half of Sydney is in town. We even bumped into some who know a couple of the people Graeme knows – what a small world. We then headed in the opposite direction along St Omer park. It is very peaceful & pretty waking around the lakeshore. 

Lunch at Balls & Bangles – they make a tasty soup, great bagels & decadent donuts (the lemon meringue is pretty good for a massive sugar hit). Then back to our hotel for the shuttle to the Airport. 

Thank you New Zealand for putting on such a great show for us. We’ve had a fabulous time & been blessed with amazing weather. I look forward to one day spending more time here. 


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