Day 13 – Milford Sound to Queenstown 

Another wonderful sleep in in our cosy mountains view chalet. Although this morning the view is a little misty. It rained last night by the looks of things & all the beautiful frost has been washed away. 

Once we’d filled up on another big breakfast & packed away all our things we still had a fair bit of time to enjoy before our bus back to Queenstown. We noticed some people down by the river so scrambled over some rocked & headed down for a play. 

We’ve had so much fun on this holiday, even if I have been sick for half of it. 

Finally it was time to head down to the bus & boat terminal so the lodge gave us a lift down with our bags which we stored away while we grabbed a quick bite to eat & a last couple of photos. 

It turns out we have the same bus driver to take us home as brought us here. Oh well, at least we don’t have to drive.  It was fascinating to have beautiful greenery on one side of the Homer tunnel & a snowy winter wonderland on the other. 

The rest of our journey passed quickly as we snoozed & the bus proceeded without a stop or a murmur. Our bus driver kindly dropped us near our hotel so we didn’t have to drag our bags up the biggest hill in Queenstown. Tonight we’re staying at the Heartland. It was expensive but unfortunately not worth it. We arrived & had 3 people behind the counter look at us but not one offer to help us. We then could barely hear them over the blaring television. The rooms have very thin walls & the internet is hopeless as I attempt to create this blog with great difficulty. 

We dropped our bags & headed to town in search of food. There’s a big rugby game on tonight so it’s a rare establishment that doesn’t have the game blaring. We finally found Coyote Grill & dinner was great! 

Then a last minute shop for gifts & home to bed for our last night in NZ. 

The gobspell for Gru…

Rugby, its not a game it’s a way of life. It’s also a bloody pest. I appreciate that some may want to watch it, but not at the expense of business. This is the most expensive place we have stayed in Queenstown and also one of the worst overall.

I don’t ask for much, but I do expect at least one of the three people staring at us to welcome us or at least say “Hi, how can I help you?” But no, you had to wait for me to ask if anyone would like to assist us. And then, after I just explained that I can’t hear what you are saying because the TV is up too loud (Rugby) you then turn to Tania and tell her what I couldn’t hear only to have Tania say “I can’t hear you either! Can you turn the TV down please!”. The girl then raised her voice to tell another staff to turn the TV down (he was standing in front of it) but he couldn’t hear her!

It would seem that rugby causes Kiwis the same sort of mental and social issues as State of Origin does in eastern Aussie. It must be the shape of the ball! You don’t see the same kind of stupid in Europe where the ball is round! We were in France this time last year when a bit of a local match was played with a few neighbouring countries. It didn’t stop the world! 


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