Day 8 – Franz Joseph 

Another sleep in, simple breakfast & a few moments of peace & playing in the frosty grass before the Glacier Shuttle picked us up. 

Today we walked the Franz Joseph Glacier Valley walk to a view point that is 750m from the glacier. Once again they suggested it would take about 1.5hr to walk it but you need to add plenty of time for all the amazing photo opportunities. The valley is so pretty & the waterfalls are spectacular, each with their own rainbow. 

The orange lichen covered rocks are so interesting & everywhere we go we seem to find another cairn. 

Unfortunately we couldn’t get up close & personal with the glacier but we’ll be doing that tomorrow. 

One thing we have noticed is lots of NO DRONE signs which is great as they can be annoying little buggers. 

We walked back to the car park 

& then headed off to Peters Pool for a bite of lunch & a fantastic reflective view up the glacier valley. 

The walk continued on to Douglas Bridge then through more pretty rainforest. 

By 3pm the blisters from my new hiking boots were too painful to go on so we caught the bus back to The Landing Bar for a relaxing cup of tea, more mulled wine, some dinner & tonight is Quizz night! We paired up with a German couple but trivia is not really our strong point, as much as we enjoy it. The lovely couple then gave us a lift back to our hotel. We’re doing well. 

The gobspell of Graeme….

Well bugger me!

There are only a few minor subtletys between Kiwi folk and Oz folk, and apart from the obvious such as they speak funny, they sure as hell know how to look after their environment, and on that one point alone, Australia should be ashamed!

I am yet to see one solitary empty plastic water bottle; anywhere! In fact, I have not seen any litter.

For every square meter of Sydney shoreline or city pavement there are (on average) 4 discarded plastic bottles. That’s not including plastic shopping bags!

If Franz Josef was in Australia, not only would it be graffitied beyond recognition, but  any remainder that hasn’t been chipped off and packed into an esky by some thong wearing bogan would be hidden behind a mountain of equal size in plastic and Macca’s wrappers.

Congratulations Kiwis, I am impressed. If only Aussies could achieve the same apparent respect for our environment as you. I know that some will read this and think I’m talking out my arse, but before you crucify me, go look for yourself!


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