Day 7 – Franz Joseph 

Today we slept in & got to breakfast by 9am. We were so spoilt at the Crowne Plaza where my regular breakfast was miso soup & tofu, poached egg on hash brown, freshly squeezed carrot apple & celery juice, herb tea & an assortment of Danish pastries to pinch for afternoon tea, while Graeme enjoyed the big breakfast of bacon, beans, eggs, tomatoes & hash browns. Today I got to have a hard boiled egg on dry toast (not being a butter or margarine person), a couple of itsy bitsy teeny weeny croissants & a kiwi fruit. I was so glad I had pinched some herbal tea from the Crowne.  They didn’t even have any soy milk for the cereal. 1st world problems! All for the best though as I have been eating a bit too much while on holidays! 

After breakfast we did a load of laundry & while that was happening I sat in the sun & thoroughly enjoyed listening to the peace & quiet of the morning – the sheep, cows & birds all chatting amongst themselves  – while I read my kobo & Graeme played with his camera & got some great shots of the area. 

We then hung our washing out to dry & decided to leg it into town. Just as we were leaving the hotel we noticed the neighbours leaving so asked for a lift & got one – yay, how lucky are we! Two lovely young guys from Argentina who are living in Franz Joseph for the winter & working at a local restaurant. 

We went in search of Glacier tours & the first available was not till Tuesday, so glad we ended up with an extra day here. With our tour booked we decided to go for a hike to Callery Gorge through the rainforest to a swing bridge. It was supposed to take 1hr 20min but I don’t think they take into account stopping every few meters to take another photo. It was a lovely walk!

Graeme saw the explosive sign & just had to check it out. 

At the bridge we walked down to the pebble beach by the river where the rocks were an amazing shade of orange and someone had built a lovely cairn. 

On the walk back we had to scramble through a tree that was blocking the path. When we got to the bottom of the track Graeme noticed that his glasses were missing. We headed back up the track on a glasses search & eventually found them perched in the tree. 

By the time we got back to town it was 3pm so definitely time for a hearty lunch at the Snake Bite Brewery of vegan burger & chook burger. 

Having refuelled we went exploring & discovered very quickly that there was nothing to discover. Franz Joseph has all of 2 gift stores & the cinema is shut down. What else to do but sit by the fire of The Landing Restaurant, drink mulled wine & write my blog! This is the best mulled wine ever – Prenzel. The other great thing about the Landing restaurant is that they’ll give you a lift home at the end of the night. We are blessed! 

The gobspell of Graeme…

Just so you may appreciate the situation allow me to provide some clarity (now that my glasses and I are reunited)

First, lets go for a walk. It is a very pleasant walk, not so much a physical challenge, easy grade and well defined track. You could almost take a pram if you want, but I’m sure the child would whine about having to push it. 

There were a couple of obstacles over the road, we may look old but we’re still flexible enough to squeeeeeeeze through. On the way over, my glasses were on my face. They are non-transitional and the sun was hidden so no problemo, but on the way back the sun was clear and shining, the magnified light was destroying my remaining retinas so I took them off (glasses, not retinas) and hung them in the front of my shirt.

So when I squeeeeeeeezed back through the fallen tree, little branches came to life and moved themselves into a position to best rob me of my spectacles. I’m sure I heard “I am Groot” during the most intimate of postures.

So 30 minutes later and literally at the very end, I discovered I can’t see well and went for my glasses, it all of a sudden became very clear we were actually at the very beginning once again, but this time eyes peeled for my glasses.


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