Day 14 – a day of rest 

We’ve been on the go for 2 weeks now & we are tired so today was a day of rest. We went for a beautiful walk around the area of the Gite then back for lunch, an afternoon nap, dinner & bed. Tomorrow we’ll have more energy. 

[GW] well some of us rested….

Being an Aussie who lived rural for many years, the need for firewood is understood well, as is the need for stacking it dry and neatly out of the way. In Australia (or at least Goulburn) when you order firewood it is sold by an estimated volume of “ute”, “trailer” or “truck” all of which must be viewed prior to purchase as the quantity of wood may vary as much as the differance in size of said ute, trailer or truck! And then there is the quality of the product! From there it is usually dumped in the middle of your drive (outside of the established deliver time) forcing one to relocate the “tonne load” so you can at least get into your carport to unload your hungry and screaming kids, plus the 20 bags of shopping out of the rain!

Here in France, from my own observation, you can purchase firewood by neatly tied “bale” like fashion and at a standard length of 100cm and the wood is all Oak. It is delivered bundled, tied, all one lenght, all one quality of hardwood, out of the way on your property and it is split. You may need to modify its length but otherwise craps all over the firewood industy that I am all too familiar with.

Sy did tell me the French name for the wood bales, but as I explained in Australia the name has a more undesirable meaning (and one that I find quite offensive), so lets just leave it at that!


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